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About Us

TeachYa is the site where teachers and students can find high-quality and FREE websites for learning English.


We select the best, and then categorise them according to level and language area, so whether your class is beginner level or advanced, and whether you are looking for pronunciation practice or a guide to grammar, you’ll find what you want on TeachYa.


Finding free English language resources has never been easier!


How we Select Sites

TeachYa aims to give you a balance of facts and fun, so as well as information about the English language, you will also find links to exercises, games, quizzes, audio and video.


Web pages are chosen for their usefulness in providing language training, information, advice and entertainment. We do not believe in simply listing everything.


Language study web pages are selected on the merit of their:


methodological approach


accuracy of information

accuracy of English

appropriateness for a multicultural audience


Feedback, Maintenance and Continuous Improvement

We strive to improve and always welcome suggestions. Your feedback helps to keep our links directory reliable and up-to-date, and your ideas are always greatly appreciated. As a learner or a teacher, our website is for you! Let us know how we can help!




TeachYa is not responsible for the content of external websites.

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